Strategic Plan

The Columbia State 2020-2030 Strategic Plan describes where the college is headed and what it wants to accomplish. Guided by the college's mission and vision, and developed within the context of the Tennessee Board of Regents planning process, the planning process addresses emerging trends, opportunities and challenges. It identifies Columbia State’s key priorities and initiatives, provides measures of success and informs future planning.

2020-2030 Strategic Plan has been submitted to the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) for approval at the September meeting. 

Planning and Effectiveness Council

Chairperson, Executive Director, Strategic Planning, Effectiveness, and Special Projects
Chair, Support Staff Council
Chair, Professional Staff Organization
Chief Enrollment Service Officer
President, Faculty Senate
Assistant Vice President, Faculty, Curriculum and Programs
Associate Vice President, Business Services
Associate Vice President, Facilities and Safety
Associate Vice President, Information Technology
Dean, Access, Regional Services, and Retention
Dean, Academic Engagement and Innovation
Dean, Student Engagement
Dean, Health Sciences
Dean, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Dean, Science and Math
Dean, Business and Technology
Dean, Written, Oral, and Digital Communications
Director, Library
Director, Internal Audit
Director, Workforce and Continuing Education
Executive Director, Belonging and Student Resources
Executive Director, Human Resources
Executive Director, Communications
Vice President, Academic Affairs
Vice President, Advancement
Vice President, Finance and Administration
Vice President, Student Affairs
Vice President, Williamson Campus and External Affairs