Supporting Our Students

Here at Columbia State that teachers and textbooks are not the only avenues by which students gain this understanding. Oftentimes, your fellow students are themselves valuable sources of insight, knowledge and empathy—especially those with life experiences markedly different from your own.

The Office of Belonging and Student Resources
We understand the role of the college campus in providing students the opportunities to gain a richer understanding of the world and its peoples.
Making a Plan
MAP develops and implements a formal plan for identifying students who are historically at risk for completing higher education and developing a comprehensive plan that outlines support services and provides follow-up with students. This service enhances structure and accountability while providing general moral support. Students can learn more about this program by scheduling an appointment with the secretary in the Office of Belonging and Student Resources Department. The secretary may be reached during regular business hours in the Office of Belonging and Student Resources Department (Warf 239), by calling 931.540.2854 or by emailing
Student Leadership Summit

Student Leadership Summit is currently being rebranded.

Usually held in November or April, the Student Leadership Summit is an annual event for high school juniors and seniors. The institute focuses on leadership and community skills, personal development and financial planning, as well as an exploration of career and educational options.

All high schools in Columbia State’s nine-county area—Giles, Hickman, Lawrence, Lewis, Marshall, Maury, Perry, Williamson and Wayne counties—receive an invitation for their junior and senior students to attend.

New Grants

Men Experiencing, Networking, Trying Optional Resources (MENTOR): 

FREE Student Food Bag Program

Student Resource Database

We recognize that students have needs that sometimes negatively affect their college life. To help students, the Office of Belonging and Student Resources has worked with the IT department to create an online database which provides a list of resources at students' fingertips 24 x 7. Go to MyCN for more information and a link to the database.

Student Engagement

Columbia State fosters a vibrant and welcoming community by actively engaging students in celebrations that honor the rich tapestry of backgrounds and histories they bring to the institution. Through events commemorating important cultural and historical days, the college creates a space where students from diffrent backgrounds can come together to share and appreciate their unique stories.


Dr. Christa S. Martin
Executive Director, Belonging and Student Resources
Columbia Campus, Warf 240
Diane Davis
Secretary, Belonging and Student Resources
Columbia Campus, Warf 239