Payment Options

  1. You must confirm you will attend if your bill shows your fees are paid in full or part by financial aid which include loans, grants, lottery scholarship, third party payments, or other awards.
  2. If you owe a balance after your financial aid award has been applied to your account you must pay the balance prior to the deadline.

Instructions for paying fees and confirming financial aid status in Self-Service.

Step 1: Log into myChargerNet and go to the Student tab. 
Step 2: Go to the Self-Service links, and click on View/Pay Account.
Step 3: Select the semester – Account detail for term will be displayed. 
Step 4: Select Yes, I will attend during the (selected semester).

  • If you owe a balance you will be taken to the online credit card payment option.
  • If you do not owe a balance because your fees will be paid in full by financial aid you will receive a confirmation number. Please write this number down as proof that the confirmation process was successfully completed.

Note: When looking at the account detail / confirmation page:

  • If the account balance net of authorized financial aid is a positive number this means you owe money.
  • If the account balance net of authorized financial aid is a negative number this means you will be receiving money from Columbia State.
Payment of fees by mailing a check must include a copy of your bill which can be printed from Self-Service in myCN.

Paper checks received in the mail will be converted to an electronic Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction. For your reconciliation purposes, these checks will now appear on your monthly bank statement as an electronic debit. If for any reason you do not wish your check to be converted to an electronic debit, please notify us at the time of payment.

Mail your payment to: 
Business Office 
Columbia State Community College 
1665 Hampshire Pike 
Columbia, TN 38401

You can pay your fees in person by check, cash or credit card at any Columbia State campus. Payment at the Columbia campus can be made in the Pryor Administration building. 

Columbia Campus Business Office: 931.540.2530 
Williamson Campus: 615.790.4400 
Lawrence Campus: 931.766.1600 
Lewisburg Campus: 931.359.0351 
Clifton Campus: 888.346.6581