Lean Thinking

The Lean Leader Series

The Lean Leader Series is a workshop series consisting of eight classes.

Lean is a systematic approach to eliminating waste and creating flow within an organization to improve overall customer value. The foundation for success with lean is a problem-solving culture, based on coordinated process improvement and people development. Leaders from manufacturing, to service industries, to medical organizations have benefited from the techniques pioneered by Toyota.

  • 1 - Lean Introduction: Manufacturing and Office Processes
  • 2 - Value Stream Mapping and Creating Flow and Pull Systems (Including Kanban)
  • 3 - 5S/Workplace Organization and Standardized Work and Mistake-Proofing
  • 4 - Quick Change-Over and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • 5 - A3 Structured Problem
  • 6 - Kaizen Facilitator
  • 7 - TWI - JI / JR / JM
  • 8 - Kata: Building Lean Culture  to Sustain and Thrive