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At Columbia State, the world can be your classroom. Since 2006, our students have had the opportunity to participate in study abroad programs provided by the Tennessee Consortium for International Studies (TnCIS).

Participants learn from faculty from a TBR institution, including Columbia State professors. Students also get college credit—all the while soaking in the culture and camaraderie of a foreign land. This past summer alone, TnCIS presented students with 18 program destinations from which to choose, including the United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy, Greece, India and China.

In addition to the opportunities abroad, Columbia State makes sure students are exposed to other cultures throughout their time on campus. Besides the Study Abroad Fair and Festival Internationale—held yearly—the International Education Committee sponsors numerous speakers and performances in a continuous effort to facilitate understanding of the international community.

Because of Columbia State's study abroad program I've grown as a leader, as a friend and as an individual. All of the qualities I have honed and improved have helped me to better serve my community and have set a foundation for my future academic and career goals.

- Kelly Benvy

I took Introduction to Film with Charles White. It was super cool to watch films that were shot in the city we were staying! Not only that but learning film techniques and different film movements was very interesting. I had never looked that deeply into films but now, after this class, I see films in a new light.

- Alexis Sigmon

Study abroad, for me, was an experience where I got to immerse myself in a new culture, and in doing so, get to come into my own and experience myself in a way that one only can from a trip like this. To be immersed in another culture, with the freedom to explore it on your own and be a part of the culture is a blessing and really enriches one's life and worldview.

- Emma Yates

TN Consortium for International Studies
TnCIS Represents 19 colleges and universities devoted to making international education and cultural understanding a central goal of higher education throughout the state of Tennessee.
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Faculty Opportunities
Faculty can expand their international experiences and bring fresh perspective to the classroom by teaching a course through the Tennessee Consortium for International Studies (TnCIS). Faculty are encouraged to apply to teach in an existing program or even create their own program.
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Planning Your Study Abroad
Study abroad is one of the most exciting academic opportunities available at Columbia State. Click the link below to help plan your trip from deciding what classes to take to how to pay for the trip to what documents you'll need to take with you.
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Dr. Lacey Benns-Owens
Professor of Communication
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