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Currently, the Federal Direct Stafford loan is the only type of federal or institutional loan available for students attending Columbia State.

Federal Direct Stafford loans

  • You must complete a FAFSA each award year to receive Direct Stafford Loans.
  • You must complete Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for first-time borrowers at student loans link to receive a student loan. If your MPN expires, you may have to repeat the process. The college will receive electronic notification of your meeting these requirements from Federal Student Aid.
  • Students do not have to pass a credit check to receive Direct Stafford Loans. For parent PLUS loans, a credit check is required.
  • Students should only apply for a one-term loan if scheduled to graduate that term and filing an Intent to Graduate.  Otherwise, students should expect fall/spring loans.  Students enrolling during the award year may request a one term loan (i.e. enrolling January request-spring only).  Students enrolling in summer may submit a Direct Loan Request for a summer only loan.  For any loan, the student must submit the Direct Loan Request prior to the official last day of the applicable term.
  • You have the right to cancel a future Direct Loan disbursement prior to the funds being disbursed to your account.  Columbia State Financial Aid Office requires written notice prior to census date for the applicable semester and will not cancel loans after the census date.  To cancel any future Direct Loan disbursements for a student or parent, email  The cancellation of a Direct Loan does not relieve the student of the responsibility to pay your bill with the Business Office.
  • You are not required to pay anything on your loans while you are enrolled and participating at least 6 credit hours a semester. You must be confirmed participating in at least 6 credit hours to be eligible for loans to disburse.
  • You are not required to begin paying on your Federal Direct Loans until 6 months after you leave school by graduation, total withdrawal or dropping below at least 6 credit hours participation in a semester.
  • This 6-month period after you leave school is called your “grace” period.
  • When you graduate, withdraw or enroll less than 6 credit hours in a term, your grace period begins for new loans. You are required at this time to complete Exit counseling at student loans link.


  • The U.S. Department of Education limits the amount that you may borrow each year based on your dependency status (dependent or independent) as determined by the FAFSA and your current grade level (freshman, sophomore, etc.). This is called your “annual” borrowing limit.
  • Your grade level will never be higher than sophomore at Columbia State Community College.
  • The U.S. Department of Education also limits the amount that you may borrow while going to college. This is called your “aggregate” borrowing limit.
  • Students may monitor their student loan history at this website while in college and during repayment: student loans link.

For more information, please click Federal Direct Stafford Loan.